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1. What is the Million Parent March (MPM), and when and where is this taking place?

The Million Parent March 2017 is a four day event in Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about parental rights, family court reform, and foster care and CPS reform. The event will begin with a rally and sit-in on Constitution Day (Sunday, September 17th, 2017), a march to the U.S. Capitol (Monday, September 18th, 2017), and two days of educational seminars, demonstrations, sign waving, and legislative lobbying (September 19th and 20th, 2017).

2.  Is the Million Parent March taking place in other cities around the country, or in other countries?

While the event we are organizing takes place in Washington, D.C. and is oriented towards influencing policy and laws in the United States of America, we recognize that the injustices in family courts and related agencies occur throughout the world.  We highly encourage everyone to join us in unity in D.C. in September if there is any way possible for you to attend.  This epic event is going to make history!  However, if you cannot attend for some reason, we always encourage you to participate in other events and keep us informed about other events being organized in support of this important cause.

3. What is the objective of the Million Parent March? What are we assembling and marching for?

Our goal is to not only raise awareness about the multitude of injustices in our family court system and its related agencies, but to promote meaningful reform through legislation and education. We are building a coalition of organizations across the country to stand in unity for parental rights and to better protect our children, parents, and families dealing with child custody and related issues. We want our elected officials and governing entities who we’ve entrusted to protect our rights and our families to do what they’ve been tasked by the American people to do. We expect our Constitutional liberties and fundamental rights to be upheld.

4. What organizations are participating and how can we join in?

This event is being sponsored and organized by a growing number of parental rights and advocacy groups, with different styles and structures, but all with similar end goals. Because the list of “officially on-boarded organizations” is being added to every day, it will be posted elsewhere on this page. If you’d like to register as a participating organization, please fill out the registration form here: http://www.millionparentmarchusa.org/register/. You will also be able to upload your organization’s logo if you would like us to use it in MPM marketing materials.

5. What if I’m not part of an organization, but I’d like to volunteer to help?

Please message us here and one of the event organizers will direct you to work with one of the teams or organizations based on your interests and goals.

6. I’d like to take DIRECT ACTION! How do I contact my legislators?

Contact information for your legislators is easily found by doing a simple Google search with the keywords “who are my legislators”. You can also try using the “town hall” feature on Facebook read this article.

7. What should I tell my legislators?

You can start by telling them your personal story and what you believe needs to change. You can also bring your friends and family in to share their stories. You could also tell them about the Million Parent March 2017 event Sept 17-20th and ask them for a meeting while you’re in D.C. There will be advocates coming from all over the country who would be happy to join you in your meeting and help to educate your representatives on a variety of issues plaguing our families and the future of our nation. If they accept, please contact us right away to arrange some allies to join you!

8. What is the cost of this event?  Do I need to buy tickets?

No, there is no cost to attend the event and there are no tickets needed (other than perhaps airplane or bus tickets if you’re travelling a long distance!).  Just show up, meet some other activists, and show your support!

***This FAQ will be updated as more information becomes available; feel free to message us with additional questions and they’ll be added here as appropriate.***