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Million Parent March 2017 – August 20th, 2017


The 2017 “Million Parent March” started as a meeting of the minds among parental rights leaders and activists after Kash Jackson’s march to eleven state capitols across the US, arriving in Washington D.C. on Sept 11th 2016. That action inspired the people to collaborate on this year’s march, which is the highlight of an epic four day program being coordinated by Kyle Paskewitz chair of Parentalink, Restoring Freedom’s Christine Sirgant, Operation Real Dad’s founder Crystal Colon, and Family First Act’s Kathleen Arthur.  The “Million Parent March” will be held on September 18th, 2017.

The Million Parent March, is proud to announce our next featured speaker, Connie Reguli, one of our many renowned advocates for victims of CPS and the foster care system.

Connie Reguli

  • Attorney for the Lawcare Family Law Center who fights for families suffering from government abuse
  • Creator of the Family Forward Project
  • Represented hundreds of families against family court injustice


Connie Reguli is a family law attorney who has been protecting families from unlawful practices by family courts and the Department of Child Services in both trial and appellate courts in Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and Maryland for over 20 years.  Connie’s experience has led her to become a strong advocate who stands up against abuse in the child welfare system.

Connie will be speaking about CPS and Foster Care reform and protection against government and court injustice and the question, “what do we do now?”  Connie will be joined by other speakers and advocates from the movement, including Mark Ludwig, Kathleen Arthur, Carlos Rivera, Ron & Sherry Palmer, Jennifer Winn, Rod McCall, CJ Abernathy, and many more.  The full list of speakers, a detailed schedule of events, and more will be announced in upcoming press releases and on the official website, www.millionparentmarchusa.org.

When and where are all these events?

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 – Constitution Day Rally (9:00 am / Upper Senate Park)

Monday, September 18th, 2017MILLION PARENT MARCH (9:00 am / Lincoln Memorial)

Tuesday, September 19th and Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 – Peaceful Assembly, Legislative Meetings, and Presentations and Educational Seminars (Upper and Lower Senate Park and Union Station / See the Full Schedule for Times and Locations of All Events)

How will I get there and where will I stay?

Travel by air to Reagan National Airport, Washington Dulles, or Baltimore-Washington International, or ride share with thousands of others coming from all over the country by making arrangements through our Facebook group.  Book a room online, or use AirBNB.  For more details or assistance, visit our Travel & Lodging page on the official website.

What can I do to help?  Can I volunteer at the event?

Yes!  We are looking for volunteers to help with setup, donate or help crowdsource items, make signs, and serve as event staff and/or security.  Please contact us through the website or Facebook page to volunteer.  Can you take charge and lead a team?  We’re organizing mini-demonstrations all over town while our pros meet with legislators!  Please also participate in our #MillionParentMarch2017 hashtag campaign to spread the word, and start drafting up your handwritten letters which we’ll be asking participants to hand deliver to their own representatives in Congress in their Washington, D.C. offices!  ALSO, Restoring Freedom is collecting letters to personally deliver to the Director of the Department of Justice.

What else is going on during these four days?

There are so many great things happening, it’s hard to contain our excitement.  People from throughout the movement are coming together to offer their help and talents in so many ways.  In addition to all of the great speakers taking the stage after the march, we have two days full of presentations and educational sessions, as well as the Constitutional Day Rally and Supreme Court Sit-In.  We have Truth Exposed’s Brian Lee who is going to MC the events on Sunday and Monday.  Yahya McClain’s documentary Casualties of W.A.R. will be premiering on Monday evening.  We have KRUE of The KRUE Movement who is going to speak and perform music from his album We The People.  And word has it there will be a few more surprise guests!

Grand Opening of Operation Real Dad (501c3)

We’re pleased to introduce a new 501(c)3 organization who is hosting their grand opening in Washington, D.C. around the Million Parent March, an organization founded by Crystal Colon called Operation Real Dad Legal Defense Fund.  Crystal, a single parent herself, has experienced first hand the impacts of fatherlessness in America and has vowed to make a difference.  Her and her group want to help through counseling, financial and legal assistance, and direct action aimed directly at helping fathers in need, because “every real mom wants a real dad”.  Check out her presentation area across from Union Station throughout the Million Parent March event, as well as the Sunday Basketball Tournament and breakfast and dinner mixers around town.  Learn more at www.411ord.org.

For More Information

Up to the minute updates will be published in the form of official press releases and posted to the official MILLION PARENT MARCH website:  www.millionparentmarchusa.org

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  • Calvin Thompkins

    says on:
    September 9, 2017 at 7:39 am

    End the incentive courts have to order unjust custody orders end the corruption. Difficult task i know to much miney involved by states and yhe federal government.
    End the friends of court. Evaluators and Domestic Relations a direct conflict of interest. No money should exchange hands between parents period. One parent gets the easy street off someone’ else’s hard work while the other parent lives in proverty.

    All of the state and federal laws in courage divorce.
    Alimony abd child support-free money for the none moral having exes.

  • Tiffany Wagner

    says on:
    September 9, 2017 at 9:00 am

    It’s weird that society has managed to convince itself that A) government should be involved in the lives of familial ties in any way and B) that men are somehow “entitled” to half the rights of children when they’re never pregnant, never give birth, never nurse; and esp. when all the most decent fathers I’ve ever met really don’t seem to give a shit about their kids. Really, They’d usually just rather watch football. Let them watch football. 50/50 ideaology seems most like a money making hoax designed by men for men. Joke’s on the kids I guess.

    • Ron

      says on:
      September 13, 2017 at 1:35 am

      Children attach to their fathers. Read Bowlby.
      The COURTS disrupt that bond and cause juvenile deliquency.

  • Seth Greene

    says on:
    September 12, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Sounds like you’ve never met a decent father.

    To avoid having to pay for child care were couldn’t afford, my ex worked evenings. I was the one who fed, bathed, and tucked in our two boys every night. On my days off, I was the one who got up with the kids so she could sleep in.

    Now, with the unbalanced parenting time, I only get 4 nights a month to tuck them in. It’s very clear by the way they want to cuddle with me, and don’t want to let go when I drop them off to get that it isn’t enough time for them.

    I’m one of the people this is for, not the ones who would rather take care of their own needs before those of their children. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve never met a DAD, only fathers.

  • Paul Schlüter

    says on:
    September 12, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Inspired by Teresa Hinton’s Anglicare publication under the same name “Parents in Child Protection” we are now standing up for parents rights in the CPS system in Tasmania. No one else is we’re alone.

  • pappa vin

    says on:
    September 17, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Parents’ important role includes daily values transmission. Some shows over diffent media– affecting both Dad and children — serve to compromise both.

    Its a matter of the privilege of that responsibility — not an entitlement.

    If there is a clear right behind such parental responsibility, perhaps THAT is what can be classified under entitlement.

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